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Is there anything better than French toast as a breakfast in bed? Especially on January 1st. Thick slices of bread, soaked in a sweet mixture of milk, eggs, and cinnamon, then toasted in a frying pan, and served with maple syrup and a pat of butter. This is the basic recipe but French toast comes in a number of fancy variations.

You can vary the type of bread – whole wheat, French, Italian, white, or cinnamon-raisin. The rule of thumb is the bread needs to be a few days old so that it doesn’t fall apart when you dip it in the egg mixture.


Next, for a quick and easy routine change, you can add some vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange or lemon zest, or even a teaspoon of brandy into the custard.

When it comes to sweet toppings, maple syrup is a classic, but you can opt for other kinds of syrups, jams, fruits sauces, and fresh fruits. Also, you can replace butter with margarine on top, or sprinkle some powdered sugar.

Wanna make a savory variation? Skip the sugar in the custard and top with chicken, ham, cheese and/or sautéed veggies.

We have more up our sleeves. Our goal is to make French toast the most indulgent breakfast dish you’ve ever had! Brace yourselves!

french toast

French Toast Casserole

Brown sugar and pecans crown this baked breakfast treat with a gooey, warm caramel sauce. A perfect weekend breakfast treat! Make this breakfast casserole into something really special! Sprinkle 1–1½ cups fresh blueberries over the sauce along with the pecans. Or add ½ cup blueberries to the brown sugar, butter, and corn syrup and cook until the blueberries burst open. Strain the sauce before pouring into the prepared pan.

Banana-Stuffed French Toast

No need to go to a fancy bed and breakfast—enjoy stuffed French toast on a leisurely Saturday or Sunday morning on your deck. Make this special occasion breakfast even more special with a dollop of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top!

Baklava French Toast

If you love baklava but don’t have the time or skills to make it, this recipe is just for you. But before you get to work, note that it is more challenging to make than a regular FT. However, it’s totally worth your while! The recipe is actually French toast stuffed with a nutty baklava-like filling and then drenched in a honey syrup. The final result is a treat that is crispy in the outside and soft on the inside, full of cinnamon, citrus, nut, and honey flavors. What better way to tame your raging sweet tooth?

french toast

French Toast Pinwheels

The secret ingredient in this recipe is flatbread, which rolls much easier than regular bread, without having to remove the crust off or roll it thin. The texture of this sweet treat is very much like that made with crepes (if you haven’t tried that one, make sure you do ASAP). It can be eaten plain, or stuffed with any of your favorite fillings such as whipped cream + strawberries, Nutella, peanut butter, lemon and powdered sugar, banana slices, blueberries.

This recipe can easily be adjusted for special occasion breakfasts or brunches by slicing the roll-ups into 1/2 inch pieces and then secure with a toothpick!

S’mores French Toast

Eating s’mores transports you back to your childhood like nothing else. How can anyone resist the perfect combo of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows? With this S’mores breakfast treat you can indulge in the flavor of your favorite cookies for breakfast without the need for lighting a campfire!

French Toast Muffins

Two classic sweet treats into one breakfast cupcake. These easy muffins topped with a cinnamon swirl French toast streusel have so much more than great looks and cuteness. For starters, they are moist and soft. Not to mention they’re absolutely delicious! Plus, they keep for days (not that there will be any left).

french toast

Donut French Toast

Here is a recipe your little ones will especially like. Take some glazed donuts and turn them into a breakfast full of flavors. Serve them with whipped cream & strawberry slices to make it even more gorgeous.

Cinnamon French Toast Sticks

These delish cinnamon-sugar coated French toast sticks are a great way to change your breakfast routine. Start by slicing the bread into sticks, then proceed the usual way. The beauty of these sticks is that they can be dipped and dunked in whatever you wish – honey, maple syrup, or (OF COURSE) melted chocolate!

Pumpkin French Toast Rolls

Similar to the sticks from the previous recipe, these rolls are just like French toast stuffed with pumpkin. The best part is that they are baked in the oven until golden brown (about 10 minutes), which makes them much healthier than fried options. Once they are done, brush with melted butter and, instead of the classic cinnamon sugar, coat them in pumpkin pie spice. A perfect fall weekend breakfast idea!

french toast

French Toast Krispie Treats

Half granola, half krispie treat, made with browned butter and maple syrup – all your kids’ favorite snacks and sweets in one breakfast treat. The granola contributes texture, krispie cereal is there for a crunch, whereas the brown butter gives that specific “griddle” taste.


Apple Pie French Toast

Craving apple pie for breakfast but you’re too hungry to go through the process of making and baking? Here is a quick solution. This weekend breakfast treat is covered with a topping composed of apples in a caramel sauce along with candied walnuts. The caramel and apple combo is a classic you can’t go wrong with, whereas the walnuts bring some crunchy texture. Of course, with the decadent caramel present in the recipe, there is no need for syrup.



11 French Toast Recipes You Need in Your Life
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11 French Toast Recipes You Need in Your Life
Is there anything better than French toast as a breakfast in bed? Especially on January 1st.
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