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With ingredients list that includes mushrooms and sour cream, Beef Stroganoff is the creamy and warming family dinner recipe you must have in your cookbook. Sherry brandy, tomato sauce, onion, and paprika are often added for extra flavor, which makes this dish even more decadent. Finally, the rich meat is served over a bed of pasta, rice, or mash to soak up the sauce!


Beef Stroganoff is a classic that originates in Russia but is well loved all around the world. Some historical sources state that the name derived from a Russian diplomat and minister of the interior, Alexander Stroganov. Others say the dish was named after Count Stroganoff, a 19th-century Russian noble, who became a huge fan after his chef invented the recipe.

beef stroganoff recipes


Best Meat Cuts for Beef Stroganoff

The classic beef cut for this dish is round or rump steak. However, there is a number of variations that include different types of beef cuts. Whatever cut you’re using, the final result should be tender and juicy.

For a quick and easy Beef Stroganoff, use the top sirloin or tenderloin, cut thin into 1-inch wide by 2 1/2-inch long strips. In case you decide to go with other cuts of meat, like stewing or chuck steak or minced meat, it is best to use the slow cooker.

For more exotic varieties, prepare your Stroganoff with chicken or even shrimp instead of beef, like the Brazilians do, or use sausages like in the Nordic countries!

beef stroganoff recipes


Tips for Cooking Beef Stroganoff

The most important step to ensure your Stroganoff is rich, delicious and has the perfect color, stir-fry the meat quickly in butter. When doing this, the pan must be very hot but make sure to balance the heat in order to avoid burning the butter.

If you are using a slow cooker, add the sour cream and mustard in the last half an hour of the cooking process to prevent them from curdling. The meat is cooked until it falls apart and the sauce becomes rich & creamy.

Regarding the basic vegetables used in this dish, mushrooms, and onions, here the two basic tips: cook the onions right down and sauté the mushrooms separately to prevent them from going mushy.

When it comes to cooking the classic side dish for Beef Stroganoff, the noodles, to keep them from clumping while boiling, add a tablespoon of oil to the water. To keep hot cooked noodles from sticking together, toss them in a large bowl with a little butter.

The most important part of this dish is its richness and creamy texture. That being said, the sauce is key. Traditionally, Beef Stroganoff recipes call for sour cream. However, many find it bland and use more flavorful options such as flour-and-butter roux combined with beef stock and/or a small amount of dairy. If you find this combo rather heavy, just replace the flour-and-butter roux with sour cream and you’ll have the best of both worlds.

beef stroganoff recipes


Freezing Beef Stroganoff

It would be such a shame to throw away leftover Beef Stroganoff. Luckily, this dish freezes very well. First, let it cool completely, then transfer to a large zip-lock bag or an airtight container. It will keep up to three months in the freezer.

Serving Beef Stroganoff

In the States, Beef Stroganoff is traditionally served with pasta, to be more precise wide or twisted egg noodles. Other common options include mashed potatoes & rice. Russians usually serve this dish along with potato sticks but with the addition of white rice. In Japan, it is often combined white rice or white rice seasoned with parsley and butter.

In other countries, you will see Beef Stroganoff served with baked potatoes, sweet corn, used as a pizza topping or crepe filling. Greens are also often served as accompanied, usually fresh crispy salads, steamed green beans, or sautéed broccoli.

Beef Stroganoff Recipes

Choose a classic Beef Stroganoff recipe or one of the twists we’re offering below. Our specialties include piecrust, meatballs, chicken, garlic, cheese, tofu, and more!

Beef Stroganoff Pot Pie

This recipe takes a traditional Stroganoff and tops it with a flaky piecrust, rather than serving it over egg noodles.

Meatball Stroganoff Bake

Meatballs and egg noodles baked in a hearty beef sauce are a classic casserole. Top with sour cream for a traditional Stroganoff dinner! It is just as tasty with frozen, fully cooked meatballs. Just thaw 24 meatballs (about half of a 28-ounce bag) and add them to the noodles and sauce. Bake covered until the meatballs are heated through, about 35 minutes.

Beef Stroganoff Casserole

An updated version of the classic recipe, this Stroganoff is made with lots of fresh mushrooms. When it came to choosing the best mushrooms in the grocery store, opt for the loose ones. Turn each mushroom over to make sure that the cap is closed tight around the stem with no gills showing a sure sign of freshness.

Chicken Stroganoff

Tender chicken strips are coated with a creamy mushroom sauce, thickened with sour cream, for a classic dish that’s packed with flavor. To turn this into a classic Stroganoff, replace the chicken with flank steak cut into 1/4-inch strips in Step 1. Use beef broth instead of chicken broth in Step 2.

Garlic Mushroom Stroganoff

Rich, intensely mushroomy, garlicky, and creamy – four adjectives that only begin to describe this amazing take on Stroganoff. The rich cream covers the tender but meaty mushrooms, then everything is served over rice. The best part? The whole dish is done in under half an hour from scratch!

One-Pot Beef Stroganoff

There’s nothing better than coming home to this comforting, flavorful bowl of yumminess after a stressful day at work! A simple to make weeknight meal, with beef and mushrooms smothered in a super-creamy sauce and served over fusilli pasta.


Taco Stroganoff      

Stroganoff marries tacos for an incredibly flavorful dish. To achieve the creamy effect, the meat is in a combination of onion, chives, and cream cheese, then some Cheddar cheese is added for extra flavor. An amazing cheesy and tasty one-dish meal that tastes like nacho dip over noodles and beef!

Tofu Stroganoff

This recipe will be well loved by both vegetarians and omnivores alike. For extra creaminess, add some whipping cream along with the sour cream plus a touch of lemon juice. Serve with crusty bread and fresh salad!

Beef Stroganoff – 8 Amazing Recipes and Cooking Tips
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Beef Stroganoff – 8 Amazing Recipes and Cooking Tips
With ingredients list that includes mushrooms and sour cream, Beef Stroganoff is the creamy and warming family dinner recipe you must have in your cookbook.
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