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A Berry Delicious Way to Prevent Heart Disease in Men

A Berry Delicious Way to Prevent Heart Disease in Men

The world’s most popular superfoods – think wild salmon (rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids), broccoli rabe (containing a host of antioxidant vitamins and bone-building Vitamin K), and cinnamon (a powerful inflammation buster) are beneficial to all people, since they aid in reducing our risk of developing heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer.


In this post, we focus on superfoods that men, in particular, can avail of, to prevent heart disease. We also provide an ice cream recipe, made with two of nature’s most powerful superfoods: strawberries and blueberries.

Why are Men at a Greater Risk of Heart Disease?

Research indicates that around one in nine men will suffer a cardiac arrest before their 70th birthday, compared to about one in 30 women. The reasons why men can suffer from heart disease at an earlier age include greater physical stress, having more fat in the abdominal region, and the specific effects of sex hormones on upping men’s cardiovascular risk.

food against heart disease

Risk Reduction for Men

There are many superfoods that can help men stay slim and most of these are equally popular with women. Some of the most popular ones include protein-rich foods and supplements (which can help build muscle and burn calories), branched chain amino acids (which protect against muscle breakdown) and creatine supplements (to reduce the recovery time after exercise).

Studies have also shown that foods such as oranges, kale, garlic, raw cacao, lentils, sardines, and almonds, have positive effects on heart health, including the reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol, and the lowering of inflammation.

Powerful Berries

One recent study has shown that berry consumption (eating more blueberries and strawberries) has powerful benefits for heart health, both in healthy people and those who already have risk factors for heart disease.

The secret lies in the high amounts of polyphenols, micronutrients, and fiber, that berries contain. Berries decrease oxidative stress and inhibit inflammation, to name just two its many benefits. To jazz up these popular fruits, we suggest this recipe for creamy ice-cream that is perfect at any time of year, but especially when strawberries are in season.

food against heart disease

Healthy Strawberry and Blueberry Ice-Cream Recipe

Serves around 4


2 cups coconut cream fat (or canned full fat coconut milk)

2 cups strawberries, sliced

3/4 cup honey (or a little less, depending on how sweet you’re like your ice-cream)

2 drops mandarin essential oil (make sure it is therapeutic grade and edible)

1 ¼ tablespoons lecithin granules

3 tablespoons dried blueberries


Cool the coconut milk in the refrigerator overnight; place into a blender with the rest of the ingredients except the blueberries, and whiz until the mixture becomes creamy.

Refrigerate for around two hours then place through an ice-machine. Add the blueberries around halfway through the process, since if you add them in the beginning, they will break into tiny pieces.

For extra flavor, swirl in chopped macadamia or walnuts and serve!


Conclusion: Men and women each have specific health risks that superfoods can work to reduce. For men, superfoods should focus on reducing abdominal fat (to promote heart health) and eating foods which can help keep diseases such as prostate cancer at bay. Make sure you follow a healthy diet comprising quality protein sources, essential fatty acids, seasonal fruits and vegetables, legumes etc., and be sure to treat yourself to our berry delicious ice-cream recipe.

Savory Brunch Recipes We Love

Savory Brunch Recipes We Love

We’re looking forward to New Year’s and a big, lazy brunch the morning after watching the ball drop. After all of the cakes and cookies, we need a break from the sweet and are keeping things savory. Check out our favorite savory brunch recipes.


Huevos Rancheros
This breakfast loaded with Rojo’s salsa couldn’t be easier or more filling. Finish the skillet off with cheese and serve with refried beans. See the recipe.

Goat Cheese, Beet and Sweet Potato Quiche
Instead of a pastry crust, this colorful quiche is layered with sweet potatoes to give it its structure and filled with beets and goat cheese for delicious flavor. See the recipe.

Savory Dutch Baby Pancake
Puffy dutch baby pancakes are a breakfast delight. Check out this savory version made with cheese, mushrooms and sausage. See the recipe.

Dill and Beet-Cured Gravlax
Cure your own gravlax ahead of time and then enjoy an impressive bagel spread to ring in the new year. See the recipe.

Monte Cristo Casserole
This sweet and savory dish can be made the night before so you can wake up, bake it and enjoy. See the recipe.

Bacon and Potato Pancakes
Made with potatoes instead of flour, these savory pancakes with bacon and chives are great for breakfast or as an appetizer. Plus, they are naturally gluten free. See the recipe.

Spicy Baked Stuffed Avocado
Start the New Year off right with this healthy breakfast idea. See the recipe.


Rosemary, Parmesan, and Ham Scones
Skip the usual, same-ol-same-ol toast and serve your eggs with these scones. See the recipe.

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New Meatless Dishes for the New Year

New Meatless Dishes for the New Year

Step up your vegetarian recipe game with these flavorful meatless dishes that will win over your tastebuds this new year.




Zucchini Pancakes
Serve these pancakes for breakfast or with a scoop of yogurt for a mid-afternoon snack. This recipe comes from 8fit, be sure to check out their site for more recipes, and to read more about the health benefits of these pancakes.See the recipe.

Homemade Roasted Garlic Hummus
Once your garlic is roasted, you are well on your way to having an easy snack on hand and dipping into this delicious homemade roasted garlic hummus. See the recipe.

White Bean Risotto With Chard
This creamy bean dish actually has no risotto in it. However, you cook the beans in broth with lots of stirring, just like risotto, but this time, it’s loaded with protein. This recipe comes from 8fit, be sure to check out their site for more healthy eating tips, recipes, and to read more about this risotto’s health benefits. See the recipe.

Thai Curry Squash Fritters
With bold Thai curry, these yellow squash fritters are perfectly crispy and are ready to mingle at your next party or be served alongside a fresh salad. See the recipe.

Kale Pesto Pizza
This easy pizza will load you up on tons of nutrients, thanks to kale and plenty of delicious cheese. Click here and scroll down for the recipe. This recipe comes from our friends at8fit.Check out their site for more easy and delicious recipes and more.

Creamy Mushroom and Fennel Polenta
As a main dish or stellar side, this creamy mushroom and fennel polenta is a cozy dish we will be enjoying all winter long and pairing with a refreshing glass of Chardonnay. See the recipe.

meatless dishes


Vegetarian Tikka Masala
This easy vegetarian tikka masala is packed with veggies and coated in a tangy, luscious spiced sauce. Eat up! See the recipe.

Honest Cooking is an online food magazine, featuring some of the world’s most exciting food writers and bloggers.
How Nutrition-Rich Food Help You Achieve Good Health

How Nutrition-Rich Food Help You Achieve Good Health

Eating nutritious food not only helps you to accomplish your weight loss goals, but also they offer a plenty of benefits. Nutrient-rich food generally contains loads of vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. These food items nourish your body and reduce the risks of suffering from a chronic disease.


That’s why your day-to-day diet plan should be made up of nutrition rich food. For your reference, here’s an in-depth information on how nutrition rich food helps good health.

healthy foods

How Nutrition Rich Food Helps Good Health? – Reveal Seven Benefits of Eating Healthy Food

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease: The heart is one of the core organs of human bodies. That’s why it’s important to keep it healthy and fully functional. Try to avoid the food items that are rich in saturated and unsaturated fat, trans fat, sodium, and cholesterol.

Medical research has clearly proved that eating too much saturated and trans fats will impose more chances of a heart disease. These food items increase the cholesterol levels in your blood and damage artery plaques.

Some examples of heart-unhealthy fats are palm oil, deep-fried food, whole-fat dairy, red meat, and coconut oil etc. Hence, you are advised to follow a diet that contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (to keep your heart healthy), such as avocados, nuts, seeds, and oily fish.

Controls Weight: When there is an imbalance between calories consumed & calories expended, it will result in an unhealthy increase in weight. To maintain a lean, slim, and attractive physique, it’s important to avoid calorie-dense food.

healthy foods

In fact, in order to achieve your fitness goals and weight loss milestone, consume healthy and nutrient-rich food, for example fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains etc. As this nutrient-dense food contains fewer calories, it will subsequently reduce the risks of obesity-related conditions i.e. clogged arteries, thyroid dysfunction, and type-2 diabetes.

Boosts Energy: One of the notable benefits of following a healthy diet is “increased energy levels.” Eliminating excess fats, refined carbohydrates, and sugars, your body will automatically limit/restrict blood sugar fluctuations. You are advised to consume unprocessed carbohydrates, such as vegetables, fruits, and whole grains etc.

These food items will help maintain a steady blood sugar level. Even more, they will result in an increased level of energy. For instance, eating a healthy and nutrition-rich breakfast (i.e. a light sandwich or oatmeal with fresh fruits) will keep you active, energized, and focused throughout the entire day.

Improves Mood: Do you often suffer from mood swings that trouble you focusing on daily tasks? If yes, then you should eat nutrition rich food to avoid mood swings and early morning sluggishness. Carbohydrate-rich foods (i.e. whole grains) have a brain chemical (serotonin) that can be linked to improved mood. Other healthy food items (such as yogurt, turkey, and fish) contain tryptophan.

Note: the human body automatically converts tryptophan into serotonin and reduce the problems of frequent mood swings.

Healthy Bones: A nutrition rich diet (that feature higher levels of calcium) will keep your bones and teeth strong. Furthermore, such a nutrient-dense diet plan can help to slow osteoporosis (bone loss).

Some excellent sources of calcium are:

  • pilchards, tinned salmon, and sardines (with bones)
  • dark green vegetables including kale, bok choy, and broccoli
  • calcium-fortified foods, soy products, cereals, and fruit juices etc

Reduces Unhealthy Food Cravings: Overeating is unarguably considered to be one of the crucial factors that eventually makes you corpulent and obese. According to physicians, you may feel hungry for a wide variety of reasons. For example, fatigue, emotional stress, and nutrient deficiencies can always make you feel hungry. And, you really need to stop these unhealthy hunger pangs in order to become slim and slender.

Lean proteins and complex carbohydrates stabilize your blood sugar level in order to prevent these unhealthy food cravings.

Healthy brain: Nutrition rich food can increase blood flow to your brain. By increasing blood circulation, healthy food protects brain cells and helps to prevent brain-related critical diseases like Alzheimer’s disease. To have a naturally healthy brain, you must avoid fried food. Rather, you can eat some dark fruits and green vegetables, for example, kale, prunes, raisins, grapes, blueberries, spinach, broccoli, plums, raspberries, and cherries.

Almonds, pecans, and walnuts are excellent sources of vitamin E that also helps you to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

healthy foods

The Final Verdict

With this, you have revealed a total of seven benefits of consuming nutrition rich food. Obviously, junk food is not a healthy choice when it comes to supplying essential vitamin, mineral, and micronutrients to your body.


Therefore, you should make conscious choices to eat more nutritious and healthier food. Simply cut down on food that’s high in terms of fat (from your diet) and replace them with low-fat food, whole grain food, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Soon, you will enjoy an array of health benefits, starting from improved mood and increased energy level to healthy brain and healthy bones.


4 Holiday Twists On Key Lime Pie

4 Holiday Twists On Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie can be a nice twist on holiday desserts. It’s just a little different than the standard pies of the season, which usually include pecan, apple, chocolate, and in some cases pumpkin (for those of us who can’t quite get enough over Thanksgiving!). Opting instead for a fruit-based, tangy pie that feels light and fun rather than rich and hearty just provides one more dessert option and offers some nice contrast.


That said, however, the idea doesn’t have to revolve around a traditional key lime pie, as delicious as they may be. Here are a few ideas for alternative key lime pies that might serve you perfectly this holiday season.

Key Lime & Raspberry Sauce

The thing that might first jump out about the idea of key lime pie with raspberry sauce is that it combines the colors of the season. Granted, key lime pie doesn’t really come out green – but particularly if you garnish with a small slice of lime, a little bit of raspberry sauce as an artistic drizzle on top can certainly give the dessert a festive appearance.

For that matter, if you really want to go above and beyond, you can use some coloring to make the pie filling turn out green – and between the green pie, a cream topping, and a raspberry drizzle, it will become one of those dishes that’s almost too picture-perfect to eat!

Beyond appearance, raspberry sauce tends to go with most desserts, when you think about it. It goes with sugar cookies, chocolate and vanilla, ice cream, and most anything else (okay, maybe not the pumpkin pie). Key lime pie is certainly no exception, and raspberry sauce can be fairly easy to put together even with the busy nature of holiday meal preparation. We took a look at a recipe posted by Wicked Good Kitchen, and with just a 35 minute total prep time, it’s one to think about.

key lime pie

Cherry Key Lime Pie

Thanks in part to children and video games, a lot of bakers don’t take cherries very seriously. Kids devour pickled cherries (which are basically just little sugar vessels) and, now, slice them to pieces along with other fruits in mobile games like Fruit Ninja. Adults even think of cherries with a playful touch thanks to the age-old idea of cherry simples on slot reels and the like.

And these aren’t just symbols on classic reels; “fruit slots” have become common themes in more modern games as well, with one even describing itself as a “fruity fever wheel.”  It’s for these reasons that cherries just don’t seem like real ingredients, and a cherry pie can seem almost childish.

Here’s the thing though: letting go of those notions can lead to a heck of a dessert! And, as with raspberry sauce, it adds that holiday coloring you’d love to see! Because cherry and lime are actually a fairly common combination, you can find plenty of recipes for this dessert. But mostly we’d recommend making a classic key lime pie and a sort of cherry zest to spread on top of it like a thin icing.

White Chocolate Key Lime Pie

This is, of course, a subjective notion, but it’s hard to think of a better sweet pairing for key lime pie than white chocolate. Some would argue (correctly as far as we’re concerned) that white chocolate is actually a little sweeter and more decadent than most ordinary chocolate, and it’s because of this that it’s such a nice contrast to the tangy key lime flavor.

It can also be done in a number of different ways. You can combine white chocolate flavoring with the actual pie filling; you can create a white chocolate topping for the surface of the pie; or you can also make a sort of white chocolate syrup to apply as a drizzle (you could even crisscross it with the raspberry topping mentioned earlier).

To make everything at once, you only need to blend together melted white chocolate (which you can do simply by melting bars on your stovetop) with the ingredients you’re already using for the key lime pie. The consistency can become a little bit creamier than a typical key lime pie, but once you refrigerate the finished product for a few hours, it should hold together nicely, and it will provide a very interesting (and delicious) flavor. It’s a nice holiday twist simply in that it brings some of the sweetness typical of the season back into the pie!

key lime pie

Key Lime Martini

As a last item, we’d remind everyone that sometimes the best dessert alternatives aren’t actually desserts – at least not in the traditional sense. For example, these days a lot of people are turning to individualized mini-desserts, making cupcakes instead of cakes, or serving tarts instead of whole pies. Even these, however, are effectively the same thing. For a final twist on key lime pie that’s perfect as a treat after a holiday meal, we turn to one of the most versatile cocktails on the planet: the martini.


Described as a “candy ‘tini that tastes like key lime pie” the key lime martini is something you might never stop making for special occasions after you try it once. All you need to make it is vanilla vodka, Coco Lopez, a dash of pineapple juice (or lime juice if you don’t mind it a little sour), and cream – plus some graham cracker crumbs around the rim if you like. It’s a wonderful treat – plus it comes out kind of green, which is always nice on Christmas!


10 Essential Kitchen Tools You Should Invest In

10 Essential Kitchen Tools You Should Invest In

The kitchen would be just another room in the house without its tools. While most of us won’t ever be 5-star chefs, there are some common items that will help you cover most of the culinary bases. So, whether you’re about to become responsible for your own kitchen for the first time or aren’t sure how to best spend your kitchen budget – here are the 10 essential kitchen tools everyone needs to invest in …


1) Stainless Steel Skillet

kitchen utensils

A skillet or frying pan is a diverse piece of kitchenware that can do pretty much anything any other pan can do, as long as it’s big enough. (Don’t get hung up on “frying,” as you don’t technically have to use it to fry food).

A 10” stainless steel pan will do the trick – it’s easy to clean, won’t get stained or chipped like more expensive “non-stick” pans, and will last you through those times when you need help paying the bills and frying your last egg, to when you’re wowing dinner guests with your three course meals.

And by that, we mean 20 years.

2) Chef’s Knife

kitchen utensils

There seems to be a bit of a caveman fad out there in recent years, but that doesn’t have to extend to food preparation. If you want to cut joints of meat, vegetables and virtually anything else, a good 8 to 10” chef’s knife is what you need. Just remember it’s not for buttering bread.

Note: A chef’s knife will eventually go blunt, but you use a sharpener or just get a new one for about $20.

3) Chopping/Cutting Board

kitchen utensils

There’s nothing worse than having to constantly clean down kitchen surfaces … other than leaving knife marks in them.

Both of these problems can be solved with a plastic or wooden chopping/cutting board.

If you do all of your preparation there, you only have one thing to wash later. You’re also less likely to contaminate than randomly using surfaces to prep.

4) Saucepan

kitchen utensils

What a skillet can’t do, a good saucepan can – and surprisingly one of those things is making sauces, gravies, and broths. They also boil and heat food over longer durations.

If you’re missing mamma’s pasta, this is what you need!

Investing in one with copper or aluminum is the most efficient option and any size over 3-Quart will get the job done unless you’re feeding a large family.

5) Can Opener

kitchen utensils

It sounds so simple, but many people forget about can openers when they enter a new living arrangement. Unfortunately, not everything comes with a ring pull.

There’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned manual can opener, but investing in an electric one is just one of those little luxuries that brighten one’s day.

You get what you pay for here, but there’s no need to overspend.

6) Peeler

kitchen utensils

One thing not mentioned about the chef’s knife is that it’s pretty good at cutting fingers too!

So if you’re preparing vegetables that need the outer layers removed (we’re looking at your carrots and potatoes), using a peeler will save you effort and potential injury.

You could invest in a more expensive electric peeler or one where you simply put potatoes in a pot and close the lid, but manual peeling (with a peeler) can actually be one of the most fun parts of food prep!

 7) Oven/Sheet Tray

kitchen utensils

 If you’re using an oven, you’re going to need some kind of tray to put the food on. A simple sheet tray can handle baking, roasting, and basic meats and oven foods (as long as you pair it with some foil), but you can also spend more on a thicker and deeper stainless steel tray if you’re looking for longevity.

8) Grate

kitchen utensils

 Whether you just want a granted cheese sandwich or are adding fresh ginger to your fine cuisine, every kitchen needs a grate. Using a knife simply won’t have the desired effect.  

9) Wooden Utensils

kitchen utensils

A wooden utensil set is a staple of most kitchens because they don’t heat up to unbearable temperatures like metal and don’t melt or leech like plastic. They can, however, be a pain to clean without leaving some essence of the prior meal behind and over time they can crack and burn.

10) Plastic Utensils



Plastic utensils are also worth investing in, especially for flipping and serving.

With these 10 essentials you should be able to run a well-oiled kitchen without having to improvise too much. Want more cool kitchen tips? Check out “Recipes and tips to clean out the fridge”.


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