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When scouring the web, it’s nigh on impossible not to run into a new (and ‘super effective, celebrity-approved’) form of weight loss treatment or a ten-minute exercise regimen that will get rid of all your belly fat in just a month. The fact that there are so many of them doesn’t mean that they are all ineffective (although you should be careful what you choose). Rather, it points at two conflicting points of view, as to which is the best fitness regimen.

The decision to get fit is one of the best anyone can ever make. The adage ‘health is wealth’ is hard to dispute if you ever truly cross the line from fit to incredibly unfit or vice versa. The two main routes people take to achieving this fitness are diet and exercise. Here, we’ll demonstrate which is best.


The guiding principle behind dieting is “you are what you eat”. This refers to the direct correlation between what a person eats and their fitness. Dieting involves a strict control of what is consumed and generally involves replacing fatty foods with healthier alternatives (such as fruit and vegetables) and curtailing or completely eliminating junk food intake.

By focusing on diet, people can reduce the number of calories consumed each day and focus on foods that provide only the necessary nutrition. You already burn calories within the course of a normal day, so all you need to do is regulate the food you eat. This is to make sure the calorie count of food eaten is less than the amount you normally burn.

The positive effect of a well-managed diet cannot be overstated and is great for treating diseases such as scurvy, rickets, and osteoporosis; a number of conditions that stem from deficiencies of specific nutrients; as well as uncomfortable ailments such as diarrhea, bloating, and constipation.  


Exercising regimens are often considered more difficult because of the time and energy required. Exercise simply feels and looks like hard work to many, which is understandable. This is not true for all exercise regimens however, and many exist that cater specifically to a person’s particular lifestyle.

It often seems intimidating to some, but that’s because they don’t necessarily understand what exercise entails. In its most basic definition, exercise is regular physical exertion beyond what is standard. This means that for those who stay indoors all day, simply taking time to walk outside is considered exercise. If you have a desk job, swimming for twenty minutes each day constitutes exercise. However, if you’re a professional athlete or bodybuilder, then you’re spending a minimum of six hours working out most days.

Exercise affects fitness in ways diet alone cannot; the process of exerting the body is effective in strengthening muscles. A person who struggles with lethargy or constant fatigue can benefit from a good exercise regimen, as it has been known to imbue practitioners with energy.

The Better Regimen

Like all things in life, ‘the best regimen’ is a relative term. There is no one better regimen, as exercise works best with certain goals in mind, while dieting performs better with others. Before choosing a fitness regimen, it is of prime importance to first ascertain the reason for doing so.

  • Weight loss: This is one of the more popular reasons for implementing a fitness regimen. Everyone believes they will be better off if they lose a pound or two. In most instances, this is true, so the most advisable route to take is dieting. When calculated, the amount of calories that are burnt during exercise is rarely enough when set against the average unhealthy diet.


Often, when people solely focus on exercise, they forget to account for the huge meals they take on board to fuel their exercise. The amount of exercise required to significantly burn calories while maintaining that very diet is rarely feasible, as it would require hours of exercise every day. Using helpful devices like the Keto Domain calculator, you are able to accurately calculate the number of calories you require to safely lose weight.

  • Muscle building: Many people want to look and feel good, and so decide to find the best regimen to build muscle. This is mostly a no-brainer, as no matter how good your diet plan, it will not have any real effect on your muscles, which are developed by the systematic breakdown and rebuilding of muscle tissue. This requires hard work. Depending on the muscle type you want to develop, there are different workouts to choose from.


  • General fitness or health needs: There are many conditions that require a person to undertake a fitness regimen. Each one determines whether dieting or exercising is best. For example, with heart conditions and high blood pressure in mind, a person would usually be required to exercise more. Meanwhile, someone affected by diabetes or low blood sugar levels would have a greater need to diet.



Regardless of what your final goal is, the best regimen will always be a combination of dieting and exercise. While certain conditions may call for more of one than the other, eating well and working out will always have the greatest impact on your general health.

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