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Can pancakes be good for your heart? They can if you think outside the box. Stop regarding pancakes as sugar-loaded sweet treats. The era of ignorance is behind us – today we know how to adjust each and every meal we consume so that it fits our needs.

When it comes to pancakes, in order to make them better for you, start by replacing sugar with a natural sweetener like stevia or pure honey. Also, get rid of the white refined flour and switch to whole wheat. And finally, stop using refined vegetable oils and opt for healthier, cold-pressed varieties like coconut and olive oil.

Pack Your Pancakes with Potassium

The heart-healthy ingredient to include in your quick and easy pancake recipes is potassium.

Besides being very important for normal functioning of the heart by lowering high blood pressure, this essential mineral helps maintain electrolyte and fluid balance in the body. Moreover, it keeps kidneys, brain, and muscles in good shape!

One potassium-rich ingredient found in almost all pancake recipes is yogurt. Plain yogurt is often added to the batter to make the flapjacks softer, moister, and fluffier (3/4 cup). Besides potassium, it also contributes extra calcium and vitamin D.

Sweet Heart-Healthy Pancake Recipes


Avocado is considered a superfruit for a reason. On top of all the nutrients, it also contains high levels of potassium. In fact, there is no food richer in potassium than avocado! Adding a mashed avocado into the batter will not only make the flapjacks healthier but will also contribute silky and creamy texture!


You will find banana is almost all healthy pancake recipes. Due to its dense texture, mashed banana is often used as a flour substitute in the batter (often combined with oatmeal or egg whites to boost the protein content). This yellow fruit also acts as a natural sweetener.


You can use fresh or dried apricots in the batter (1/3 cup should suffice). They work very well when paired with nuts (especially almonds) and spices like cinnamon or cardamom.

Apricots, similar to peaches, also pair great with booze, bourbon and rum in particular. You can make this pairing by adding a ¼ cup of alcohol into the batter or soaking the fruits in it beforehand (for about half an hour). Most of the alcohol will evaporate during cooking so don’t worry, your kids can safely devour these flapjacks.

Savory Heart-Healthy Pancake Recipes


We all know how healthy spinach is. And what better way to sneak spinach into your kids than flapjacks? Make a stack of savory flapjacks for a change by mixing this leafy green with potatoes and onion, then top with crispy bacon slices.

Sweet Potato

Add some color to your flapjacks! Mashed sweet potatoes can serve as a base for both sweet and savory pancakes – add some spices and sweetener to satisfy your sweet tooth or mix them with onions and serve with sour cream on top for a light lunch.

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