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  1. Garbage Bowl- A garbage bowl is the easiest and fastest way to keep your kitchen tidy. Instead of stopping what you are doing to throw away peeling and scraps, just place all of your scraps in a large bowl. The bowl will allow you to collect all cooking waste in one easy to reach place. This will eliminate a lot of wasted steps, which will save you time.


  1. Flexible Cutting Boards – Have you ever tried to slide your chopped vegetables off a large wooden cutting board? If so, you know that a lot of them ends up on the floor. One of the best ways to counteract this is to use a flexible cutting board on top of your wooden cutting board. After you chop up your vegetables, you can easily transfer the vegetables by creating a funnel with your flexible cutting board.


  1. Move the Trash Can – If you store your trash can in the pantry or under the counter, remove it and place it near where you are prepping and cooking. When you are cooking, you will probably open up several boxed or canned goods. By placing your trash can near you, you can throw the boxes and cans away as soon as you open and empty them.


  1. Pick It Up – If you drop anything on the floor, pick it up right away. This will help prevent items from rolling under the cabinet and getting forgotten about. Additionally, picking up as you cook will make cleanup easier later.

  1. Place your measuring devices in a cup or bowl. If you will be using a lot of measuring spoons, a bowl or cup will allow you to keep the measuring spoons together in one easy to reach location according to Connect Cleaners.


  1. Clean Up as You Go – One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen clean is to take a large bowl and fill it with hot soapy water. Place used utensil and knives in the water to prevent them from dirtying up your counters or sink. Another thing you should always do is to have your dishwasher empty before you start. Then, as you dirty up dishes, place them in the dishwasher.


  1. Splatter Screens – A splatter screen helps prevent foods and cakes from bubbling over and dirtying up your stove. Splatter screens are great when you are sauteing, rendering fat and shallow frying. It can save you time and energy when it comes to cleaning up.


  1. Use Your Sink – If you will be using cooking spray, hold your pan over the sink to help contain the mess. In addition to this, if you will be measuring sticky items like honey or molasses or wet items like wine or oil, measure them over the sink to help reduce cleanup time.


  1. Wipe It Down – Fill a spray bottle with soapy water or have some cleaning wipes like Chlorox Disinfecting Wipes on hand to wipe down messes as they happen. This will prevent food particles from drying on your counters. If food is left to dry, it can be very difficult to scrub them away.


  1. Slow Down – One of the easiest ways to keep your kitchen looking spotless is to take your time while preparing your ingredients. Once your ingredients are prepared and added to your pots, wipe all surfaces down to keep your kitchen clean throughout the cooking process.


Ten Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook
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Ten Tips to Keep Your Kitchen Clean While You Cook
One of the best ways to keep your kitchen clean is to tidy up as you are cooking. The following ten tips will help you keep your kitchen looking great even after cooking a large meal.
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