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Nothing unites sports fans and rivals like good food. And when it comes to Super Bowl, there’s good food in abundance. Super Bowl is the best excuse to enjoy high-calorie food (let’s face it, the tastiest foods are those that are bad for you)! Serve your friends with these chicken, shrimp, bacon, ham, potato, and cheese recipes and trust us, there’ll be hardly anyone watching the game.



Bacon Popovers

Crispy bits of bacon are baked into light and tasty herb-flavored puffs. Try these for a delicious Super Bowl party, but also for a unique lunch or a terrific weekend breakfast. Make these flavorful popovers even more substantial by adding mushrooms and tomatoes.

Finely chop 2 mushrooms and lightly fry with the bacon in Step 2. Add the mushrooms and bacon to the batter with the thyme. Slice 4 cherry tomatoes in half. Remove the popovers from the oven after 15 minutes and place a cherry tomato half, cut side up, on top of each popover. Return to the oven and finish baking as directed.

Chicken Paninis

A brick wrapped in foil is the secret to deliciously sealing the flavors of chicken, tomatoes, pesto, and melted cheese into tasty grilled bread. Sun-dried tomatoes can be purchased in packets (often pre-chopped in diced, julienned, or chunk form) or in jars of olive oil. The oil-packed tomatoes are best for sandwiches.

Spicy Meat Samosas

These golden brown parcels of spiced pork are an Indian favorite and are equally tasty on their own or as part of a buffet lunch.

You can make the samosas in advance up to the end of Step 4. Freeze on a baking sheet, then remove and layer between sheets of parchment paper in an airtight container and freeze for up to 3 months. Defrost on a baking sheet and bake as above.

Crispy Zucchini Sticks

Zucchini French fries, please! Besides as a Super Bowl party food, these zucchini snacks are perfect for summertime. Zucchinis make a great flavor combination with basil.

Add 1/4 teaspoon dried basil to the breadcrumb mixture before coating the zucchini with it. You can also set out a bowl of warm meatless spaghetti sauce for dipping the crisp zucchini sticks into.

Crunchy Onion Rings

Try serving these onion rings along with hamburgers and vanilla milkshakes on Super Bowl Sunday and you’ll have yourself a private fast-food drive-in! To make sure your onion rings are super-crispy and ready at the same time, arrange the onions in a single layer on the baking sheet. If the only onions you have on hand are large, use two baking sheets to hold them all.

Cheese Dip with Pita Chips

The smell of cheese dip baking at your house on Super Bowl Sunday will promise a good time. You can make this dip easily even if you don’t have a food processor. Let the cream cheese stand at room temperature until it is soft, shred the Gouda on the small-holed side of a grate, then combine the ingredients and bake the dip as directed. The baking blends the cheeses just about as well as a food processor does.

Sesame Onion Twists

Twist some dough this Super Bowl Sunday! Here is an extra tip – sitting down at a beautifully set table makes any meal special. To dress up your table, serve these savory breadsticks and other homemade breads in a basket lined with a pretty cloth napkin.

Zesty Empanadas

These spicy, beef-filled pies are wrapped in light, flaky pastry. Just the thing to add a little Latin-American flair to your next Super Bowl party. To complete the Latin-American theme, serve these empanadas with a salad topped with chopped hard-boiled egg, diced bell pepper, corn, and olives. Add chopped fresh cilantro and season the salad with lemon juice, salt, and pepper or use your favorite oil and vinegar dressing.

Thyme Crackers

Add a little intrigue to your next Super Bowl cheese and fruit plate with these easy homemade crackers—your guests will gladly gobble your efforts! The fresh thyme in these crackers gives them character that boxed crackers simply do not have. Pair them with a strong taste such as blue cheese, or top them with your favorite flavor of herbed spreadable cheese. Serve wedges of fruit on the side, such as pear or apple, for freshness and flavor balance.

Buffalo-Style Meatballs

Instead Buffalo wings, celebrate your Super Bowl team’s victory with meatballs. Buffalo-style foods are coated with melted butter and hot pepper sauce. In addition to that zesty flavor outside, these meatballs feature a surprise inside. You can also make a mean meatloaf with this recipe!

Just place half of the beef mixture from Step 1 in a 9-x 5-inch loaf pan. Sprinkle about 2 oz. blue cheese on top of the meat. Cover with the rest of the beef mixture and bake at 350°F until cooked through, 50–60 minutes. Serve the hot pepper and butter sauce on the side.

Batter-Dipped Shrimp

Spoil your family and friends with restaurant-quality battered shrimp, made right at home! They’ll enjoy every golden, crunchy, buttery moment. Wooden skewers 6–8 inches long are perfect for this recipe. Do not soak them in water, as you would for grilling.

Measure the temperature of the oil with a deep-fat thermometer. If you like to deep fry, they’re indispensable. Most markets carry them in their kitchen accessory aisle. Candy thermometers are often set up to measure both candy mixtures or deep fat.

Mushroom Bruschetta

Caramelized onions and sautéed mushrooms melt right into buttered, toasted bread slices for a fantastic Super Bowl appetizer. Add a sweet touch of onion to any recipe: Just follow Step 1 to caramelize onions, and serve the onions on top of grilled chicken breast, steak, pork loin or burgers.

Chicken Caesar Wraps 

A great sandwich and salad combo! Wrap tender chicken and tangy Caesar salad fixings into a refreshing lunch or light supper. Add 1/4 cup crumbled bacon to the mixture in Step 2 for extra flavor.

  • The wraps can be warmed in the microwave for about 15 seconds to make them softer and easier to fold.
  • Use leftover roast beef, chopped, in place of the chicken.
  • Try whole-wheat pocket bread instead of the wraps.

Chicken Quesadillas


These tasty appetizers are loaded with a spicy chicken filling and baked so they are light and crispy. The perfect treat for Super Bowl night!

Pizza-dilla? A quick and easy way to cut your quesadillas is to use a pizza cutter. A pizza cutter, with its rotating wheel, slices through easily, without dragging any of the filling out. It’s also great for cutting pastry dough, homemade pasta and, of course, pizza!

Other options:

  • For more heat, use canned chopped jalapeños.
  • Many Mexican cheese blends contain a little chili powder. You can use your favorite shredded cheese or cheese blend and just add a sprinkle of chili powder.
  • This quesadilla is a great way to use leftovers from a supermarket rotisserie chicken.

Cheese Dip with Chicken Sausage

Warm cheese dip guarantees a successful Super Bowl party. Sliced sausage is a perfect dipper. This dip recipe also makes a great fondue, if you have a fondue pot. Prepare the dip and keep warm in the fondue pot. Have long skewers on hand for guests, and provide platters of sourdough bread chunks, chopped apple, and chopped ham.

Layered Mexican Dip

Chips get the royal treatment this Super Bowl Sunday! Layers of beans, guacamole, spicy sour cream and cheese, crowned with black olives, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Top this dip with a different shredded cheese—Mexican cheese blends usually contain several kinds of cheese, both yellow and white. Look for taco cheese blends if you want a little chili powder in the mix.

  • Guacamole dip can be found in the refrigerated deli section of the grocery store.
  • For healthier snacking, use low-fat or fat-free sour cream and fat-free refried beans in this dip. No one will miss the extra fat!

Dilly Grecian Gyros

A creamy yogurt-cucumber dip is the authentic topping for this classic Greek sandwich. Make this popular treat right at home for your Super Bowl get-together! Need a creative use for leftover meatloaf? Stop right here! Thinly- sliced meatloaf is also delicious in chilis and sprigs of cilantro.

Italian Rice Balls

Rice balls are a special treat! Starchy Arborio rice is best for this Super Bowl snack because the starch holds the rice in a ball shape best. As an option, you can also try short-grain Asian rice, it works just as well. Whatever rice you use, cook it in advance and chill it for up to two days so that you have it ready to use.

Smoked Salmon Ball

Hors d’oeuvres like this one, using simple ingredients from your pantry, are always great for Super Bowl parties. Variation: Add 1/2 cup chopped green olives with pimientos.

Canned salmon usually contains some tiny bones and skin that need to be removed before using the salmon. Place the salmon in a bowl and pick up and examine each piece of salmon. Remove and discard the skin, bones, and any dark brown flesh.

Pastry Olive Bundles

These tidbits are well loved by grown-ups and kids alike. To ensure that the pastry wrapping is not saturated with oil from the olives, here is a simple solution. Pat the olives completely dry with a paper towel or clean kitchen towel so that there is no liquid in them to seep through.

Antipasto Squares

Be a “hero” at your Super Bowl party or any casual gathering with these mini sandwiches piled high with delicacies. Instead of spreading the bread with the egg and Parmesan cheese mixture, use a spicy tomato sauce. This will give the sandwich a completely different taste.

Bacon Surprises

These small morsels are an excellent addition to the Super Bowl buffet. Crispy, smoky bacon hides the tasty surprises—sausage, apricots, and prunes. Try this same recipe, but substitute the prunes and apricots with dried dates and figs. Soak the fruit in tea for 2 hours, then drain well before wrapping in bacon and cooking as in Step 5.

Artichoke & Olive Pies

Little open pies of phyllo pastry with an enticing artichoke, olive and rice filling make an attractive Super Bowl snack. If rice is left to cool slowly, bacteria may develop that can cause food poisoning. Always serve the rice immediately. If you’re cooking rice in advance, cool it quickly by spreading it out in a shallow dish or holding it under the cold tap. Refrigerate as soon as it has cooled.

Ham & Pesto Swirls

These impressive looking pastries are surprisingly easy to make. They’re filled with succulent Parma ham, Parmesan cheese, and aromatic pesto. Place 2½ cups basil leaves, ½ teaspoon salt, 1 large clove garlic and 3 tablespoons pine nuts in the bowl of a food processor and blend to make a paste. Add 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, then slowly pour in ⅓ cup olive oil while blending. Use in the recipe above or as a sauce for pasta.


Barbecue Spareribs

Whatever you do, don’t use your good cloth napkins when you serve these saucy ribs at the Super Bowl party! For well-trimmed, easy-to-eat ribs, boil the uncut spareribs and let them cool slightly. Then trim and discard the skin from the back of the ribs. Cut the spareribs into sections after boiling them because removing the skin makes the ribs easier to cut.

The Ultimate List of Super Bowl Party Snacks
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The Ultimate List of Super Bowl Party Snacks
Nothing unites sports fans and rivals like good food. And when it comes to Super Bowl, there’s good food in abundance.
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